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A philosophy of life for a successful stay.

The Gîtes de France are a movement for the development of tourist accommodation at home created in theLower Alps, on the initiative of the senatorEmile Aubert, in thethe 50's. This initiative intervened in a logic of regional planning to fight against the desertification of the countryside.

When the countryside empties, the habitat is abandoned, so there is a risk of ruins. At the same time, city dwellers want to return to the countryside on weekends. The logic is therefore to use abandoned dwellings to accommodate city dwellers in the countryside.1.

The 1st rural gite is created in1951in the hamlet of Chaudol inThe Javie. Subsequently, in1955a national federation is created. the associationGîtes de France Haute-Saône was created on September 11, 1957!

With the development of Gîtes de France, new services are appearing, such asguest roomsin1969, children's lodges in1973or, in2010, the "City Break by Gîtes de France" brand, specializing in accommodation in town.

The movement also made itself known by sponsoring certain winners of theVendee Globe, such asMichel DesjoyeauxAndVincent Riou.

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